Tracking replication throughput

It’s a right laugh when replication goes wrong, if you haven’t been there and use replication heavily, you’re in for the night / early morning of your life. Like any issue, the cause of replication problems could be one of many, but checking what commands are being passed through the distributor is always worthwhile, as an inefficient query could be updating the same data over and over, putting unnecessary strain on the distributor, infrastructure or the subscribers.

The following queries check the transaction counts per minute, with the second query breaking it down by article.

Indexes for SQL Server replication

Distribution databases need to be administered and maintained like any other database, which includes indexes. Microsoft have used index hints in several stored procedures, which limits us slightly, but these indexes have worked well for me on a number of systems and continue to do so.

Indexes for transactional replication

Indexes for merge replication