Why we went straight to OmniCompare 0.9 and what’s new?

So we talked a lot about 0.8.3 and how great it would be but then skipped it and went straight to 0.9.0. First of all, apologies for promising an upgrade and then delaying it but we had good reasons for this.

Version 0.8.3 was supposed to include a couple of new features (mainly CLI) and bug fixes but during our design discussions we decided to completely rewrite how OmniCompare works internally, along with changing most of our development processes. These changes now enable us to easily introduce some really exciting features for 1.0.0 and even 2.0.0 (big plans here). They also significantly reduce our development time so we can focus our attention on new features and even new products (OmniGuard being one).

I won’t list every new feature as these are listed in the release notes but the main ones are:

  • Improved UI for all screens.
    • They’re now simpler to use, support DPI scaling (for those lucky enough to have 4k monitors) and it just looks better.
  • OmniCompare CLI (separate blog post coming soon).
  • Bug fixes around connections and improvements to the connections dialog.
  • Version specific comparisons.
    • We now support major versions but we’ll support minor version changes soon. This is important because MSFT updated a number of DMV’s in 2008 and 2008 R2 during service pack updates and also added some useful ones too.
  • Tons of new comparisons including users, passwords, OS information, trace flags (really interesting) and more AzureDB comparisons.
  • Lots of changes in the background to help with new features and development.
  • Updated the website with changes to the download / update process.
  • Finally, we now have a Wantoo Ideas Board which enables the community to suggest or vote for new features (any feedback is welcome).


We also have a busy month ahead of us with the 0.9.1 release next week (will happen this time!) and some exciting new integrations with the makers of the worlds most trusted database tools.

If you haven’t downloaded OmniCompare yet you can do so here or update by simply opening the application (assuming you have an Internet connection). Thanks for reading and taking an interest in what we’re doing,


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